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12 Ms Olympias,  130+ Pro Titles,  327 IFBB Pro Athletes, 30 YRS OF EXPERIENCE, 1000’s of lives changed!


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Located in Metro Fitness Gym 

1245 Worthington Woods Blvd.
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Fitness is a lifestyle comprised of three legs. Proper Nutrition, Lifting & Cardio. Most will only perform two of the three. It’s only when you put all three together that you learn to excel. Here are some of the top F.A.Qs.

How Important Is Nutrition?

People don’t want to hear it but nutrition is 80% of the game. It’s the one thing that takes the most dedication. You must change your mindset to learn to eat for function not so much for form and enjoyment.

It's a game of persistence and consistence!

Don’t head to the bar at 5 O’clock. Go to the Bar Bell and get some work in. There is no magic. Persistence and Consistency over time guided by experienced expertise is the game. 

What should i expect?

Expect a straightforward no fluff environment. A high-intensity 45-minute workout. What we have found after 30 years is that people respond to the truth. At first, they might not like it. But once they embrace the truth, they can move on with it.

I heard there is a mike davies app. Tell me more?

Mike Davies Fitness Universe APP is a one-stop shop for anything and everything needed to reach your fitness goals.  It’s full of highly effective training programs. It’s available on the Apple App store, Itunes, and Google Play. It costs $9.99 /month. Cancel anytime.

What does davies time in the trenches mean for you?

Experience. A couch that won’t give it to you sweet and placate you. You’re paying Mike to give it to you straight with constructive criticism.

Experience = Results: 12 Ms Olympias,  130+ Pro Titles,  327 IFBB Pro Athletes,  30+ Yrs of Experience

I'm in another country. can remote fitness be effective?

Mike Davies Fitness Universe has clients around the world. Through Zoom and Mike’s App, and 3-day boot camps that challenge